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"I know you're a good friend of Neville, or were," Blaise said to the wolf while they waited for Pansy to find Ginny and Luna, " but, by all the minor gods, he's lost what little sense he may have once had."

He sighed, wondering just how long they'd be out before Pansy, Ginny, and/or Luna were ready to hex one another.
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"Woof." ~I know love, but he did stand by us when we needed him, and he's got a surprising amount of power. Just be grateful, Nev's not the boy that lived. He almost was.~
Ginny came rushing down the stairs in her tattered dress and Draco’s cloak, glad that this was the last time she’d ever have to wear them again. Spotting Blaise and Donna both Ginny and Pansy walked over, Ginny practically bouncing off the walls, she couldn’t wait to get outside, even is she did have to go with her, Ginny looked over at Pansy and frowned. Shopping was shopping, she could try to be civil.

“Hello Blaise, hi Donna,” Ginny smiled, “I’m glad were finally getting out of here. And umm…” Ginny trailed off wondering how to say this, “Luna decided not to come along, something about ‘them’ telling her not to? I really didn’t bother to question her,” she gave Blaise a strange look but smiled again, waiting to finally get outside.
Blaise breathed an inward sigh of relief, one less lunatic loose in the world, he figured. At least Ginny and Pansy could be trusted not to stray too far.

"Well, if they told her not to," he said to Ginny, "I wouldn't dream of trying to overrule them. We're going to have to make a few stops, so let's get going. I have a portkey a small village in Italy, we can get most everything we need there, although I'm pretty sure we'll need to go elsewhere for a wand."

He pulled out the portkey, holding it low enough that the wolf could touch it as well.


With a jolt, they landed in a small alley behind a row of shops.

"I know you want to look at shoes first," he said to Pansy. "We'll get clothes for everyone while we're there."
Ginny didn’t find it surprising that Blaise had brought Donna with them to shop, he seemed extremely fond of her. Ginny gasped as she took in her surroundings.

"Wow, this place is amazing," she said to Blaise.

She couldn’t believe there was anything left standing let alone such a beautiful place to shop. Shoes? Ginny looked down at her feet, yes she could definitely use some. She walked with Blaise, Pansy and Donna her gaze always wandering to her surroundings curiously, at the many shops until they stopped at the front of a very pretty looking shop. Ginny couldn’t wait. She hadn’t done this since she went to shopping for the dress for Harry’s graduation.

“Let’s do it,” she breathed to herself as they went into the shop, this was going to be great.
Blaise smirked to himself as Pansy squealed in delight and rushed into the shop. He casually cast a Disillusionment charm on the wolf and she proceeded him and Ginny sedately through the door.

"I'm sure that Luna's voices aren't going to scratch up anything diferent for her to wear," he said to Ginny, "so if you could find some things for her, I'm sure she'd appreciate it."

He strolled over to see what he could find from Neville's odd list of requests.
Happily bounces about looking thorough the store, careful to doge the other patrons.

~Oooo this is so much fun.~

She carefully pulls out a dress for Ginny and takes it over to her. Her look clearly saying here try this on. Luckily the disillusion charm Blaise had used only worked on muggles.
“Alright, I’ll see what I can find, although I’m not quite sure what style of clothing she prefers these days,”

Ginny shrugged and looked around the store; it was hard to decide where to go first. Pansy was ogling at shoes so she decided she would go there last. She walked over to a rack filled with all sorts of shirts and pants. Her eyes lit up at all the different styles. She knew she should probably go for the warm, efficient clothing but she couldn’t resist the showy designer clothes, at least she could try them on. She smiled as she began to pile bunches of clothing into her arms, probably looked like some kind of maniac when she saw Donna trotting over to her, carrying a dress.

Ginny watched Donna for a moment, was she urging her to try on the dress? For a wolf she really could master human expressions.

“You want me to try this on?” she said as if Donna could understand her. She put down the pile of clothing and picked up the dress and examined it, it was beautiful.

“Thanks Donna,” she said almost disbelievingly as she stepped inside the fitting room to try it on, eager to see what it would look like on her.
Blaise was standing outside the fitting room when she emerged wearing the blue dress.

"It looks lovely on you," he said, "we should keep it, I think. Every pretty girl needs at least one pretty dress to wear. Find some trousers and jumpers, too, the dungeons are cool year-round. I have warm socks for everyone already, and I think I've found all the red they have for Neville, so if we can locate gold thread and needles, he can amuse himself with making his eye design."

"Woof." ~Now shoes, love.~
"Don't you think Ophelia is going to need something to wear when she loses her fur?" Blaise said to the wolf. "I was thinking a wool jumper at the least, and some trousers. Maybe a dress like Ginny's? And you can't forget nightclothes and underclothes. You'd hate to have to wear one of Draco's old cloaks, wouldn't you?"
Ginny blushed slightly when Blaise commented on the dress.

“Thank you,” she replied giving Donna a look of thanks, “Donna picked it out herself, what a smart wolf she is, even has great fashion sense,” She stud for a moment in front of a mirror close by to see the dress for herself, doing a small twirl to see what it looked like from the back. Keeping it, definitely.

Ginny glared at the clothing Blaise held for Neville, “Red silk? Interesting choice,” she chuckled slightly, “It would do Neville well to have something to do. Right, I’ll get some trousers and all that, a new cloak for I’m sure Malfoy will be taking his back as soon as we step inside and then I guess…” Ginny looked around the store and noticed Pansy, “shoes,” she said frowning.

At Blaise’s comment Ginny looked oddly at the wolf,

“Ophelia? Loses her fur, clothes for a wolf…” Ginny looked at Blaise’s as if he was mad, “What in gods name are you talking about, Blaise?”
"That's right, you weren't feeling well yesterday, were you?" Blaise said. "You haven't heard. Donna, as it turns out, is a witch stuck in wolf form. She says we can call her 'Ophelia', and we have the directions for brewing the reversal potion that will hopefully return her to human form before too much more time passes. We can't very well expect her to run about Slytherin Hell starkers, now, can we?"

"As for the red silk, Neville tells me that all the great Egyptian pyromancers wear red silk," he shrugged. "If it makes Neville happy, I could care less what colour he wears. A happy Neville is less likely to get thumped in the head by an impatient Slytherin."

Ginny stared at Do-Ophelia in shock. The name sounded somewhat familiar from somewhere but she couldn’t quite place it, probably someone she had met a long time ago, but then again she was sure that more than one person could have the same name.

“Hi Ophelia,” she said as if she were meeting her for the first time.

“Wow, I knew she was too smart to be a wolf. I wouldn’t fancy being stuck in a wolf’s body; I didn’t know you could get stuck in animal forms. Good thing you have the directions for the potion.” She said in shock.

“How ever did you figure all this out?” she looked at Blaise then around at the store.

“I guess it would be proper to get some clothing for Do-Ophelia then…” Ginny trailed off wandering what exactly to get.
Blaise herded her around the shop gathering the other things they needed as he told her the story.

"Actually, it was Draco, of all people, who guessed that she was more than the average wolf hanging out with humans," he said. "Rather embarrassing, considering she'd been following me hither and yon for about a year. After he made the suggestion, I started asking her questions, and eventually figured out the whole story, or most of it, anyway. So as soon as we can drag Pansy away from the high heels, we need to get a wand for you and a few more potions ingredients. We're going to start brewing the potions as soon as we get back. Oh, and food. The larder is getting rather bare, I noticed."

He occasionally held up an item for the wolf's approval before adding to their pile or replacing it and trying another.
“Wow, Malfoy, who would have guessed? At least his potion skills should come in handy, hate to admit it, but everyone knows he was the best in that class. I was never any good, but if there’s anything I can do to help, I really would like to,” Ginny said while she picked up a few last items herself.

“At least you know which potion to use,” she mused.

“Pansy!” she howled loudly getting Pansy to finally snap her head away from the shoes- - what a miracle! She walked over to drag her away when a cute pair of high heels caught her eye. She was a girl after all, she couldn’t resist, and finding the perfect pair added them to the pile, after all she did need shoes.

“Right, let’s go then,” Ginny said smiling at the big pile of clothes both Blaise and herself were carrying.
It was truly a mound of clothing and other assorted bits when they had all of it piled on the counter, Blaise conversing pleasantly with the clerk all the while.

"We'll shrink the bags when we get back to the alley," he said to Ginny in a low voice. "And you should change into something new before we leave. I for one am heartily sick of looking at that dress, but I'm sure you're more sick of wearing it day in and day out."

He paid for their purchases, then waited while Ginny picked out something to change into.
Ginny looked at herself in disgust,
“Right,” she said as she went through the many, many bags. At first she was tempted to wear the dress, but no, enough dresses. Instead she chose one of the pants and a cute white shirt, and her veryown cloak. As well as a black, high heeled pair of boots. Ginny stared at herself with satisfaction, finally some decent clothes, not bad at all really, she studied herself.

Smiling brightly she skipped back to where Blaise stood, giving him a look, closed the cloak and took hold of the bags,

“Right, let’s go,” and walked out of the stood onto the streets.
“Where did you say we can get a wand?” she asked in an undertone.
"There's a little wizarding village in Spain that has a wand-maker. He's much like Mr. Ollivander, I'm beginning to suspect it's a hazard of the profession. Pansy decided to go back to the Serpent's Hole with the other portkey and put her new things away, so we'll just take Ophelia with us. There are some things she needs there, I'm told. Plus another few potion ingredients."

He held the portkey out for Ginny to touch. The wolf's cold nose touched the side of her hand, and with a tug behind the navel, they were traveling again.
They landed with a jerk at the side of a tiny shop, this place looked much like what they had left, but it wasn’t, Ginny could feel it instantly, this was a wizarding village. She was surprised to see how many witches and wizards hustled about the streets, this was probably one of the last wizarding villages there was left.

They walked down the streets, Ginny could feel a bit of a tense air. They walked past many stores and Ginny could see Blaise making mental notes of where they would have to go. It wasn’t long until they reached what in Ginny’s opinion looked exactly like Ollivanders. Ginny walked in eagerley, she had never had her own wand before. She had used an old handy down wand all of Hogwarts, so it had never really worked to its full potentiol. She had always been cusious to what kind of wand suited her.
"In you go," Blaise said, "I'm going to pick up a few other things while we're here. Mr. Castinella will take good care of you, and I'll be back before you know it." He handed her a small sack of coins. "Have fun, and try them all," he said, seeming to read her mind. "It's no telling what sort of wand is really meant for you. I'll meet you right here in front of the shop."

He strolled off down the street, wolf trotting along beside him.
Ginny watched Blaise leave and then turned, walking further into the shop.

“Mr. Castinella?” she called out. Then a short, chubby man came out from what seemed to be a back room. He walked over to Ginny and studied her for a moment. He didn’t say anything untill he looked at her eyes.

“Ms. Weasley!” he exclamied. Ginny looked at him oddly for a moment before saying,

“Yes, how did you know?”

He smiled, “All the wand shops are pretty much connected, you haven’t been in to buy a wand at all have you?” he asked interested.

Ginny smiled shyly and walked to the counter, “No,” she said quietly.

“Well then girl, we have many to try,” Mr. Castinella said as he brought out about 20 boxes in his arm, laying them out on the table. Ginny sighed a bit, but her eyes sparkled as he took out the first wand. Yew, 11 inches, dragon heart string. She took it and flicked it, only to find the ladder that had been standing upright on one of the shelves topple over.

“I think not…” Mr. Castinella said as he took the wand away from Ginny and handed her another. Then another, and another. Unicorn hair, veela hair…she tried wand after wand.

Ginny had gotten into the pattern of taking the wands and waving them absentmindedly. Then that feeling- - she took one of the wands and steared at it, a strange feeling surging through her.

“Well wave the wand already, girl,” Mr. Castinella said a little imapteintly. Ginny waved the wand and instantley they both knew it was it, a small glow emerged from the end of it and the room became delightfuly warm. He smiled taking th wand from Ginny and placed it in the box.

“Ahhh, 10 ¼ inches, single phoenix feather core, white cherry wood” he looked at her sideways for a moment, “deception,” he said as he finished closing the box and handed it to her. “It’s interesting Ms. Weasley,” he looked at her curiously for a moment as she counted the coins, she looked up, “What?” she asked, sliding over the proper amount of coins on the counter and taking the box.

“How the aspects of the wand will change as the person does. In some rare occasions some wizards will find their wands weaken with age, as they change,” Ginny raised an eyebrow, not quite sure what to say back. Instead she smiled and a little clueless said,

“Yes, strange.” And began to walk out and called, “Thank you Mr. Castinella!”

Ginny stepped outside and looked around the street for Blaise. He wasn’t there so she took the wand out of the box to inspect it one more time. She was so excited, looking at the white cherry wood, she had never seen a wand like this before, it was beautiful, and it was hers.

Blaise came strolling back up the street in a few minutes, occasionally nodding to a witch or wizard as they passed each other.

"You look very pleased," he said when he reached Ginny. He took Hermione's wand from her with a murmur of thanks and visually examined the wand she held up for his inspection then gave her a searching look.

"White cherry wood?" he asked. "And just what are you hiding, Ginny?"

Ginny couldn't read anything of his true feelings from either his tone of voice or his benign expression, but the words themselves made it obvious that he knew the meaning of the wood that her new wand was made from.

"Shall we go stock up on some food?" he asked before she had a chance to formulate a response. He placed one hand on her back as they walked down the street to an open-air market, brushing across the mark on her shoulder with his palm.

She could feel him watching her out of the corner of his eye as they walked, but he kept up a steady flow of chatty conversation, telling her that the village, Nuestro Asilo, was where he and Hermione had settled when they came back from their time in the Muggle world. He pointed out a few places of interest to her, such as the bookstore Hermione had loved so well and a resturant they'd dined at often.

The wolf stayed close to his other side, listening to their conversation, and whining every so often.
Ginny frowned at Blaise’s reaction towards her wand. But he wouldn’t let her have a word in edgewise as he changed the subject and placed a hand on Ginny’s back. Ginny began to walk alongside him, when his hand brushed her shoulder she tensed up, wanting to move away from Blaise but his steady pace kept her walking alongside him. She nodded as he told her of the different land marks and such but her mind kept on wandering back to his hand on her back. He couldn’t know… A sudden sick feeling came over her and she stopped abruptly, making him finally stop, jerking sideways to face him so his hand flew back to his side.

“I’m not feeling very well,” Ginny said oddly, placing her wand back in the box and into her cloak pocket, “in fact I think I might still be a little sick from yesterday,”
Her face began to become paler as she began feeling sicker.
“Would it be alright if I went back now? I’m sorry to leave you here but I’m afraid I’m going to blow chunks in front of everyone, won’t be a pretty site,” She gave Blaise a look she hoped would push him to give her the portkey without questions.
"Well, you might be hungry later," he said reasonably, "and I'm sure everyone would like to have food to eat. You do look rather pale, though. Let me take you back, and I'll get food for all of us later. A bit of a lie-down would probably do you some good."

He pulled another portkey out of an inner pocket and held it so that the three of them could touch it at the same time.

Ginny didn't have a chance to object before she found herself standing once again in the entrance to the Serpent's Hole.

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