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In an out of the way classroom...

Pansy had levitated the armchairs in from one of the unused dormitory rooms, spelled a little bedwarmer to work a hell of a lot better, and settled down to wait for Blaise and who ever else was coming to the meeting. She'd discovered there really were quite a few unused rooms. They could do so many things with this place. A library, like Ophelia-the-wolf wanted, maybe a smaller study or drawing room. She mused that it would end up feeling just like one of the old Pureblood manors before long. Ah, well, what you were raised with is in your blood, isn't it? She settled back into her chair and sipped a glass of hot cider, which she'd prepared a few extra mugs of. She knew how to be a good hostess, after all.
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"Hello, Pansy," Blaise said, walking in with Ophelia right behind him. "Draco is working on some revisions to the potion for Ophelia, so he just wants us to let him know anything worth hearing."

He poured out some more-or-less square blocks of wood on the floor, with brightly coloured letters on one side, and sat in the chair next to her.

" Mulled cider," he said in a pleased voice. "Thank you." He picked up a mug and took a sip.
"Always happy to feed people. And myself." She said as Blaise sat. She glanced at the blocks on the floor, certainly they weren't there to play with kid's toys?

"So what's the important topic of discussion?"
She pushes forward with her nose the blocks G-I-N-N-Y.
"Got it in one," Blaise agreed. He looked over at Pansy.

"The blocks are the best way for her to tell us things right now, although after so long a silence, I daresay when she can speak again, she'll have lots to say.

"Something's going on with Ginny. I'm just not sure what yet."
Gives a "Woof!" and pushes the blocks T-A-L-K E-A-R O-F-F forward.
"I'm sure you will, tesoro," Blaise said with a laugh. "I can't wait to hear everything you've been storing up."

He placed one of the mugs of cider on the floor. "Care for a warm drink?" he asked her. "Even with fur, I'm sure you could use it."
Pansy raised an eyebrow. Clever, clever.

"Something more than the usual war-induced psychosis, you mean?"
Nudges forward Y-E-S, and then takes a delicate, at least as much as she can in wolf form, sip of the drink. Pulls back the yes and nudges forward. G-O-O-D P-A-N T-H-A-N-K-S
Pansy peered down at the blocks and laughed. "This is quite a way to communicate, really. Welcome."
"Woof!" and nudges forward P-F-E-R B-O-O-K
"Well, this is safer, for the time being," Blaise said. "I want to keep this as quiet as we possibly can for now."

"So after you came back here yesterday, I took Ginny to Nuestro Aliso, Spain, where I knew there was a wandmaker. I left Ginny there to find her wand while Ophelia and I picked up some other things, and walked around a bit. Lived there fo9r a while, you know. Anyway, when we came back, Ginny had her wand. It's white cherry wood with a phoenix feather core."

He took another drink of cider while he thought about what he wanted to say next, and scratched behind the wolf's ears absent-mindedly.

"We were walking down to the market to pick up some food, and put my hand on her back. Just the polite thing while escorting a lady, you know."

He waited for Pansy's nod of agreement, then continued, "There's something there. On her back, I mean. Close to her shoulder. I don't know what it is, but I could feel the power radiating out of it. It felt a lot like the Dark Mark does sometimes. I'm sure you've accidentally brushed against one of those at some point, just as I have. After that, she got very pale and claimed to be feeling sick. She certainly looked sick. She tried to get me to send her back here on her own, but I had a bad feeling about it, and brought her back, then went out for food by myself."

He sighed heavily and raked his hand through his hair. "There's more than 'war-induced psychosis' going on with her, Pansy. I don't know what it is, but it troubles me."
"White Cherry?" Pansy mulled it over for a moment. "Deception, right? Well, that doesn't fit a Gryffindor, does it? Although wand wood interpretation's always been a slippery idea. I didn't understand mine for years..." She trailed off with a grin.

"I guess you're right, I've been feeling a little odd when I'm really near her, though I always assumed it was just her hate of me radiating off or something. You know, bad blood from school?" She shrugged. "Some people just don't forget these things."

"So she's hiding something, and we'd like to find out what's on her back. That might solve a mite of a question. I could always take her shopping again, have her dry on something with a low back?"
"They've all been acting 'odd' ever since I got here. But yes, I'm convinced Ginny's got a souvenier of some sort from the time she spent in Egypt. I just haven't yet figured out a way to see for myself without coming off as a molester, or something of the sort.

"Draco told me McGonagall brought her here, practically catatonic. I get the impression that our job here is to guard her and Neville and keep them out of Voldemort's clutches. Luna, I don't know, I think she found her way here on her own. But Ginny and Neville. . . I don't know, Pansy. I was in Egypt for a short time myself, right after I left Spain. I saw Neville there, he wasn't quite as raving then as he is now. I didn't see Ginny at all."

He sighed again. "We have to make strong wards our highest priority, as soon as we have Ophelia to help us. And I was thinking that we should have a bolthole prepared somewhere way back in the dungeons. There are places down here we could hide them for months, if we needed to. Maybe we should look into that. Just in case."
"Woof!" Nudges forward H-I-D-D-E-N E-X-I-T
"Well, yes," Blaise said after he read the blocks. "I'd like to know how you know about them, though. They aren't mentioned in Hogwarts: A History. It's a good point, though. We need to ward those as well. This job just keeps getting bigger and bigger."
"Babysit the insane, ward hidden exits, create little hidey holes?"
Pansy asked blandly. "This is a vacation indeed."

"Well, even if I don't agree with being given a 'job' by an old teacher who never liked me much anyway, I'll be damned if I let Death Eaters come busting up our safe spot and drag anyone off." She yawned. "But perhaps I ought to think about this more in the morning. Blaise darling, I'm beat." She stood and put her mug back on the tray. "If you're not finished, can you two zap it back to the kitchen when you're done? Night Blaise, Night Ophelia."

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Nudges forward blocks to say M-A-U-D-E-R-S M-A-P. Nudges them back and then pushes forward S-H-O-W A-L-L A-T A-N-D W-H-O H-E-R-E
Blaise bid Pansy good-night, then frowned as he read the blocks.

"I don't know what you're talking about, tesoro, but I think you've been holding out on me. Whatever that map is, it sounds very useful, and we can use all the help we can get right now. You'll have to give me details later."

He finished his cider, stood up, and stretched. "It's been a crazy few days, and I'm for bed."

He cleaned up the remains of their snack with a wave of his wand and smirked down at the wolf. "I could use a furry foot-warmer, if you're interested."

"Woof!" and gives him a light nip. ~Furry foot warmer indeed! Oh funny. Just you wait, I'll sort you laddy. It won't be your feet you'll be asking me to keep warm soon.~
Follows her sweetie out the door to go play foot warmer for him.

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