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The Fates having heard Blaise's words took the situation into their hands, and the Hole was rocked with an explosion. The lot of them of course went to see what was wrong and found Draco Malfoy out cold and in a seeming deep sleep from a potions accident.
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Ginny stared at Draco for a long moment, speechless only to follow Pansy’s example and drain the contents of her drink. She shook her head,

“Oh my god…” she trailed, “things were going too well, weren’t they? Something just had to go wrong,” she said this coldly and bitterly, slightly in shock.
"Woof!" in agreement with Ginny.
Blaise and Harry shared a quick look. Between the two of them, they knew a fair amount of battlefield medicine, and quickly determined that Draco was in a very deep sleep, but otherwise unharmed.

"He'll be fine, Ginny," Blaise reassured her. "He's just sleeping. It's a side effect of getting hit with the Deepest Sleep potion he was making."

He levitated the unconscious Slytherin to his own bed and, with Pansy's help, got him tucked under the covers.
"Honestly, that boy." Pansy said, heaving him into place. "I thought he was Mr. Potions! And, oof, a heavy bastard too." She shook her head.

"Well, is our pretty evening ruined?" She asked. "Or can I go back for a refill?" And indeed, her glass was already empty.
"Help yourself," Blaise told her, pouring a hefty amount into Ginny's glass and handing the rest of the bottle to Pansy. "Ophelia and I have potions to test. I'm sure Draco will be fine, once he sleeps it off. shall we finish our meal now?"

He led the way back to the kitchen, where a delicious lamb roast was waiting.
Ginny walked over to Draco’s unconscious body and looked at him,

“I know Blaise, I worked as a healer for a while during the war, I know what a potion gone wrong can do,” she sighed.

“I guess so,” she said, taking a sip from the just re-filled glass and followed everyone back to the kitchens.
"You were a Healer?" he asked her. "Then would you mind terribly keeping a check on Draco through the night? I'm not sure how long we'll be gone with Harry. It depends on which, if any, of the three potions work, and how long they take to work. Either way, I'll take over from you in the morning, if that's alright with you."

He held her chair for her while she sat. "Eat a bit of the lamb, Ginny. You'll need something on your stomach, as you're unused to strong drink."

He sat down across from her and followed his own advice, continuing his meal where he'd left off when they heard the explosion.
"Healer, really?" Pansy asked as she downed a glass of the lovely Othello Neville had pulled up. She was starting to approve of that boy.

"Terrible convenient to have you around then, isn't it?" She too started back on her lamb.
"Only if Draco decides to smack us around for leaving him to sleep off his mishap without trying to wake him up," Blaise teased Pansy. "I guess you could always hang on to the empty bottle and knock him out again, though."

he looked at her barely touched plate. "Eat up, Pansy, you can't live on firewhiskey and wine alone."
Ginny landed in the chair held out for her and saw the room spin, perhaps Blaise was right. With nothing but tea and whiskey in her stomach she was beginning to feel quite dizzy.

“Yes I did,” she answered once the room stopped spinning, “not a very pretty thing to do during a battle. It was a short while mind you, but of course, I’ll look after Malfoy for the night.”

She looked down at the lamb, not quite hungry anymore longer but knew better and began to eat anyway.
"Can too." She said, sticking her tongue out, before shoving a forkful of the lamb into her mouth. What was that boy talking about? Silly, silly boy.

The bottle wasn't already empty, was it? "Drat," she mumbled under her breath.
Blaise gave a mental head shake at the two tipsy women and made a mental note to ration the firewhiskey more sparingly in the future, and possibly hide the cooking sherry.

He didn't really know Ginny that well, but Pansy, like him and most of his Housemates, was rather fond of strong drink. The only trouble there was that Pansy didn't have nearly as much tolerance for it as she liked to think she did.



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Sighs and sits back full of lamb.
“I’ll clean up,” Ginny offered as she stud up, a bit wobbly and brought her own plate and glass over and placed it on the counter. She took out her wand and thought of the proper cleaning spell to use, any excuse to use her wand would do.

“I can never turn down a cup of hot tea,” she smiled, “thank you”

As she whispered the proper spell and waited for the other plates she asked,

“See her again?” she repeated Blaise’s words a little tipsy, “Did you know Ophelia before she was a wolf?” she looked down at the wolf then back at Blaise.
Blaise glanced over at the wolf, still sitting at the table, then back at Ginny.

"Actually, everyone here in the Serpent's Hole knew her before she was a wolf," he told Ginny. "It's Hermione. Ophelia is her middle name. I didn't lie to you when I gave you her wand to use. I didn't know it was her that night. And I wanted to tell you when I found out, but you were sick the next day, then when we were in Nuestro Aliso, you got sick again, and this is the first chance we've really had to talk since then."
Pansy almost jumped up from her last glass of wine, which she'd been lazing with. "What?!" She asked, eyes flicking between Blaise and the wolf. Donna, no Ophelia, no.. Granger? Granger?! She put a hand to her head and stood.

"I can't believe this, this is too bloody bloody much, Blaise. Granger? I'm going to fucking bed." She said, turning and wobbling out the door. "Granger? Too much to deal with, shacking up with the enemy, Zabini." Maybe the drink hadn't been such a good idea, she mused, because she was already damnably confused without it.

OOC // And I bit you a fond good night ^^.
She whines and her ears droop. ~Durn it Parkinson, I was trying to make friends with you.~
Ginny looked at Blaise with huge eyes, her hand slightly shaking. She looked at the wolf sitting at the table who had turned to face them now. She walked over to her and stared at her eyes for a moment,

“Hermione?” she asked the wolf. The wolf looked back at her and nodded slightly.

“Hermione!” she squealed happily as she flung her hands around the wolf, embracing her in a hug.

At Pansy’s shriek Ginny snapped back up and looked at her scream and leave the room, she had almost forgotten Pansy had been in the room. She looked over at Blaise and then back at Hermione.

“Oh no…” she trailed, “at least we have the potions already,” she gave Blaise a half look, trying to read his expression.
Licks at Ginny's face whine she hugs her. ~Yes, I'm so happy to know you are alive too, Ginny.~
Blaise watched Pansy toddle out the door, bland mask of indifference slipping over his face.

"Well, she took the news better than I expected," he said mildly.

He sat down beside the wolf and rubbed her favourite spot under her chin. "Don't be upset, tesoro, you've known Pansy since she was eleven. She'll come around, when she realizes she has no choice in the matter."

He smiled then, an almost evil smile. "And once she realizes I've hidden all the alcohol, including the wine, she'll be sweet as pie, to both of us. Her attitude won't last another twenty-four hours. If it does, you have my permission to hex her."
"Woof." ~Sounds like a plan, my love.~

Nuzzles him and licks his hand.
"Well, I think it's time we met Harry to try out these potions," Blaise said, standing up and retrieving the leather case he'd brought to the kitchen.

"Wish us luck, Ginny," he said, kissing her hand. "If one of these three doesn't work, we're going to have to wait until Draco wakes up to try more revisions."

He waited for the wolf to jump down from her chair and picked up his cloak from a chair by the door. "Don't wait up, Ginny. It may take a while, if we have to test all three potions."
Ginny smiled slightly at the thought of hexing Pansy.

Ginny smiled and hugged Blaise, “I really hope this works,” then bent down and hugged Hermione one more time, “I’ve been sleeping for two days, I think I’ll be awake for a while, I’ll take good care of Malfoy,”

She watched them walk to the door and called out, “Good luck, I hope to see you two in the morning, without the fur,” she added gazing at Hermione once more.
"Thank you, Ginny," he said, returning her hug. "I won't apologize for Pansy's behaviour, there's really no excuse. But she isn't as awful as she seems. she'll see the situation more clearly in the morning, as well as her part in it.

"Our House motto says it all, I think. "Any means necessary". Pansy will take care of Pansy, even if it means being nice to people she used to sneer at. Just don't be too rough on her, please? It's. . . difficult to be a former Slytherin these days, especially if you're in hiding, like she is."
"Woof!" and wags her tail at Ginny. ~Oh please oh please let this work. I'm so tired of being furry.~


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