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Harry was standing outside, staring at the Hole... Just staring. His mind was playing battles and debating wither if he made the right choice or not to come here with a suitcase in hand. Staring intently into the hole, he wished that some kind of answer will pop into his mind and make the decision already. Moving in would be meaning to resume like that time in Hogwarts when he was still a student. Though it would be much different now, the people in there are still the same. Different/changed but still recognizable.

Having enough of his own debates, he shook clear his head and slipped in. Walking through the halls, he traced the floor and ceiling patterns with his eyes. Still debating, he walks into the now quite spacious living room. Seeing that Luna was sleeping, he quietly set his things down and sat for a while, staring into the fire that was moving lazily. Almost lost in his own thoughts about leaving or still staying, he realized that Luna didn't look right.

Walking over, he examined Luna, tapping her shoulder he said, "Luna? Luna can you hear me?" Luna lay a bit uncharacteristicly on the rugged floor, head slumped to one side, and only slightly breezing.

Harry wrinkled his eyebrows, checking for any signs of harm. Then, seeing that her condition was stable but weak, he stridded out the room to look for Blaise or Hermione. "Is someone here? This is Harry, Luna is unconcious.. Hello?"
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