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Waking up suddenly, Ginny jumped. She sat upright in her old Potion’s Professor’s chair, gazing at her surrounding’s as her heart beat began to slow to a normal thump. She couldn’t quite remember the dream, or rather nightmare she had just awakened from but she felt…frightened. Not only that, but her shoulder felt strange. It didn’t hurt, neither burn nor sting, but she knew something had to be up with the mark. She placed her hand firmly upon it and felt something different, but as the sensation slowly began to fade away she shrugged it off, scanning the bottles of different potion ingredients before her.

She had been searching these past few days for something that might speed up Malfoy’s sleep, not having much success, mind you before she had nodded off. She scolded herself mentally for drifting off to sleep and stud up, taking her parchment filled with lists of possible potions and the mug of tea she had been drinking from and walked towards the direction of the room where Draco lay, thinking she should make sure he was alright.

When she stepped in though there was no one there, she nearly dropped her mug.

“What the-!?” she yelled as she took a second look around the room.

She spun around and exited the room, looking around for someone who might have an explanation.
As far as she knew, unconscious bodies didn’t right well get up and walk out of a room by themselves.
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