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There is no good and evil [entries|friends|calendar]
There is only power

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[13 Apr 2004|09:03pm]

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Packing [09 Mar 2004|06:12pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hermione started rounding up clothes and books and other "I can't live without them." things as she packed for the trip for her and Blaise.

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In the 'Smoking Room' [25 Feb 2004|05:43pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Pansy propped her feet up on the ottoman and leaned back. Ah, relaxation was good. She nursed the last of her whiskey in a small glass - it was the last of any alcohol she could find, which was a problem.

The room looked wonderful, though. Because of her, and Pansy smiled and gloated to herself. It was even done in a tasteful green and brown motif - which had better count as inter-House compromise. There were three or four of the old, used armchairs gathered around a fireplace (she assumed it had been used for cauldrons. This hadn't been her potions classroom, but maybe in years past that had been its use.), and a big heavy rug. And of course, her ottoman. Her Smoking Room was certainly more private than the Common Room, which was nice. Maybe she would start calling it Pansy's Parlor. She laughed, but the word Parlor did have a nice ring to it.

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[23 Feb 2004|07:56pm]

In the wee morning hours of the day, Neville was up and fully awake, praying to the Altar of Ra like a monk in meditation. Concentrated and fully comitted to his prayers, the only part of his that moved was his lips that were reciting the words of the prayers in the magical language.

Out of nowhere, a ring or fire erupted into the air above the altar. Neville was quickly distracted and looked up at the ring, which had filled itself with an image of a group of red robed wizards.

"'Tis this Neville Longbottom, the only Pyromancer in England?" asked one of the wizards, who appeared to be pyromancers themselves.

"Yes, I am Neville Longbottom," Neville replied. A little confused about how communications could be done this way, Neville just went with the flow.

"Brother Neville, we are the leaders of the Pyromancy magic, from Heliopolis. We must gather our kind together for an important meeting regarding our religeon."

"Important meeting? How can I get there? I cannot leave my place, for I will be hunted down and...by sacrificed to the Dark Lord."

"Do not worry, come to Istanbul, a major city run by the Ministry and they are fighting against the Dark Lord. Only Istanbul and vatican City are the safest places for you to travel to in Europe, so you must be very careful elsewhere. But we will have the meeting in Istanbul, in the Topkapi Palace, we will provide you a portkey that transfers you from wherever you are to us."

All of a sudden, a flash of golden light emitted out and formed the shape of a golden skeleton key. This was the portkey, all he had to do was touch it and he was off, but he felt that he needed to talk with the others about it first.

"Thank you, but give me time, my priorities lie with my friends at the moment, I will talk with them before I arrive, if I arrive. Give me time, I ask of you."

"That is alright. We realie that you must help your friends and we respect that. Take all the time you need, but remember that the meeting is on going, arrive whenever you wish."

"Thank you very much" And with that, the fire ring disappeared, with the key lying on the floor. As long as he didn't touch it, he would remain here. But he needed someone to go with him, he still didn't feel safe going alone, but he needs to talk with the others before anything happens.
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[16 Feb 2004|09:28pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

OOC:// This was set when Ginny agreed to go with Harry on a quick trip to Japan. For people who are interested, please read.

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Boobie Traps [15 Feb 2004|10:03pm]

Neville proudly walked out of his room with a gigantic smile on his face and twirling the hanging belt ends of his robes. Popping open the trapdoor to the Serpent Hole for a split second, he closed it immediately in a satisfied manner.

"Today is the day that I added my new traps to the Serpent Hole!" Neville said to himself in a sing-song manner. He had been praying earlier to Ra, and Ra sent him a flock of birds. Phoenixes galore, disguised as peacocks and herons, and they would attack intruders if the shrine of Ra could depict the mark of death eaters. Neville was quite proud.
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[15 Feb 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Waking up suddenly, Ginny jumped. She sat upright in her old Potion’s Professor’s chair, gazing at her surrounding’s as her heart beat began to slow to a normal thump. She couldn’t quite remember the dream, or rather nightmare she had just awakened from but she felt…frightened. Not only that, but her shoulder felt strange. It didn’t hurt, neither burn nor sting, but she knew something had to be up with the mark. She placed her hand firmly upon it and felt something different, but as the sensation slowly began to fade away she shrugged it off, scanning the bottles of different potion ingredients before her.

She had been searching these past few days for something that might speed up Malfoy’s sleep, not having much success, mind you before she had nodded off. She scolded herself mentally for drifting off to sleep and stud up, taking her parchment filled with lists of possible potions and the mug of tea she had been drinking from and walked towards the direction of the room where Draco lay, thinking she should make sure he was alright.

When she stepped in though there was no one there, she nearly dropped her mug.

“What the-!?” she yelled as she took a second look around the room.

She spun around and exited the room, looking around for someone who might have an explanation.
As far as she knew, unconscious bodies didn’t right well get up and walk out of a room by themselves.

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[13 Feb 2004|06:32pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Harry was standing outside, staring at the Hole... Just staring. His mind was playing battles and debating wither if he made the right choice or not to come here with a suitcase in hand. Staring intently into the hole, he wished that some kind of answer will pop into his mind and make the decision already. Moving in would be meaning to resume like that time in Hogwarts when he was still a student. Though it would be much different now, the people in there are still the same. Different/changed but still recognizable.

Having enough of his own debates, he shook clear his head and slipped in. Walking through the halls, he traced the floor and ceiling patterns with his eyes. Still debating, he walks into the now quite spacious living room. Seeing that Luna was sleeping, he quietly set his things down and sat for a while, staring into the fire that was moving lazily. Almost lost in his own thoughts about leaving or still staying, he realized that Luna didn't look right.

Walking over, he examined Luna, tapping her shoulder he said, "Luna? Luna can you hear me?" Luna lay a bit uncharacteristicly on the rugged floor, head slumped to one side, and only slightly breezing.

Harry wrinkled his eyebrows, checking for any signs of harm. Then, seeing that her condition was stable but weak, he stridded out the room to look for Blaise or Hermione. "Is someone here? This is Harry, Luna is unconcious.. Hello?"

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[13 Feb 2004|04:05pm]

Luna was sitting in the common room when the voices came. They filled her head, numbing her body. She screamed, smacking herself to make the voices stop.

"Get out of my head!! GET OUT!! I WILL NOT DO IT!!!" Luna flung herself at the walls and furniture, in a fit of rage.

We will get you Luna... You will see... You cannot escape your destiny... You will do everything we ask... Beware of us....

"NOOOOOOOOO!!" With one last effort to drive the voices out of her head with her fist, she collapsed and went unconscious in front of the fire.
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[11 Feb 2004|05:35pm]

Finally, long hard work finally paid off, as Neville wrapped the red silk robes around him. Embroidered with a golden hem around the bottom, sleeves, and the egyptian style necklace cuff (but made out of silk). The eye of Ra was present on the silk necklace cuff, the silk belt, and the end of the long sash that hung from his neck and downwards to the floor, but tucked under the belt. On the robes themselves, symbols and images of the phoenix were embroidered, as well as miniature eyes of ra. Neville had also added to his visage with a black ocre paint the eye of Ra around his own eyes (a ceremonial thing done by the pyromancers, but it washes out and isn't worn as an everyday accessory).

Neville wallked out of his room, proud and letting the sunstones revolve around his body in a circular motion, now, he waited, for the group to walk out and see their new Neville!
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Testing the Potions [10 Feb 2004|09:14pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

The following entry was done on IM by Harry, Blaise, and Donna/Ophelia/Hermione, and is now being posted in its entirety behind the cut-tag.

Testing the PotionsCollapse )

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A Talk with Harry in the Ghost Town of Hogsmeade [10 Feb 2004|08:57pm]

Blaise tried not to show his nervousness as he and Hermione left the ruins of Hogwarts heading to the remains of Hogsmeade, where they were to meet Harry with his three prisoners.

He prayed to every god he'd ever heard of that one of the three potions he carried would work. If not, hope was not lost, but he was impatient to have Hermione back as she should be. The waiting was torture, even for someone with his degree of patience.

Hogsmeade certainly looked different from the way he remembered it. It was nothing more than a ghost town now. It had been mostly destroyed right after Hogwarts castle fell, and the few survivors had dispersed across the rest of Britain; a few even found their way to Nuestro Aliso, where he and Hermione had been so happy for their short time.

He looked down at her, trotting along beside him, and knew in his heart that they would be happy again, even holed up in what was left of the Slytherin dungeon, no matter what his friends, or even hers, might think about it.

It was just a matter of finding the right potion. Draco had worked tirelessly on the three variations Hermione was most confident would work. That was probably the reason he'd got careless with the last cauldron of potion he was brewing, Blaise told himself. Lack of restful sleep did tend to make one careless. At least he hadn't had an accident with one of the transformation potions. That would have been all they needed, to have both of the best Potions makers giving instructions to the ones brewing reversal potions by pushing blocks around the floor with their noses.
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BOOM! [09 Feb 2004|09:30pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

The Fates having heard Blaise's words took the situation into their hands, and the Hole was rocked with an explosion. The lot of them of course went to see what was wrong and found Draco Malfoy out cold and in a seeming deep sleep from a potions accident.

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[09 Feb 2004|07:47pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

It had been no lie when Ginny said she had been feeling sick, she had spent the last day and a half in one long sleep except for the odd moments where she got up for a while, only to go to sleep again. She had only gotten up not even an hour ago and taken a long, warm shower. Grateful for the warm water and the fragrant soaps and shampoos she had long forgotten about. She felt so clean (at least from the outside), rid of the dust, her hair clean and she smiled at the delightful smell that filled the air. She was surprised to see her reflection and how different she looked, her hair pulled away from her face, her skin finally cleared of all the dust and that ruddy old green dress gone.

She now walked down to the kitchens where she much looked forward to some hot tea and something to fill her empty stomach. She wore some of the clothes they had bought on their shopping trip. A pair of muggle jeans she had found luckily in the shop, they were quite comfortable, a small black simple t-shirt and a small sweater for the cold. Her long hair was still wet and pulled back up in a messy bun, strands hanging loose from it. Finally reaching the kitchens she pulled open the door, finding no one there and walking over to the fridge and was delighted to find it had been restocked and cleaned. She smiled rummaging through it but decided on some tea instead, considering she still wasn’t feeling completely recovered and searched until she found some tea bags and a kettle. Using her wand that she kept in the belt loop of her pants she heated up the water and transfigured a mug sitting down at the table, setting her wand on it and took slow sips of the hot drink.

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[08 Feb 2004|09:25pm]

A bit early in the evening, Neville walked out of his room that he had been stuffed up in since early in the morning, sewing and embroidering his new robes. Neville was also given a new shirt and pair of trousers, also in red silk, possibly imported from China. And also a pair of new shoes to replace the old tattered ones. Neville didn't wear his bedsheet as he walked out, only in his new clothing and holding a velvet sack, which contained sun stones and now also his spices.

He took the "broken corridor" as he named it, leading to the kitchens. The corridor was a bit falling apart, dusty and had many views of the foundation of the original building. Stopping in the kitchens, Neville found the box of crackers that most have been eating from, was completely empty. With a sigh, Neville rummaged through cabinets and drawers, without much left inside. The cold storage, that was the alternative, however, it hasn't been opened by anybody yet since 3 years ago. The door frame had a border of ice that froze it shut.

"Flammatus!" Neville called out, as a single sun stone zipped out of the bag, erupted in flame, and melted away the ice from the metal door into the cold storage. The door flung itself open, revealing a cold, dark room.

"Helios Fota!" he cried out, and many more stones zipped out and flew to the ceiling, and started to glow like the sun itself. The room had been exposed with light. Snow lay on the floor, raw meat corpses hung from above, and crates were stacked in a corner. Neville wandered around carefully. It was cold, the raw meat didn't help comfort him either.

He headed for the crates, and tried prying them open. With frustration, he rammed his fist on the lid. Suddenly, the walls shook, and a bang came from behind him. For behind him, something fell from above. A series of golden dragon heads and mermaid carvings in a seashell moulded bowl with knobs of different colours. The Prefects' Bathtub, it had fallen from the upper level! Now the bathtub is in the middle of the cold storage room, but does it function properly?

Neville ran towards it, dusting off a bit of the dust. His hands traced over the designs of waves and squares in the borders. Greek make, no doubt about that. Rose marble founded itself within the seashell shaped bowl of the tub, and an odd fixation at the bottom instead of a drain. Ron and Hermione had been Prefects and had told them that when you finish your bath and get out of the tub, a built in portkey sends the water back to where it came from, depending on the knob you turn. Each colour symbolized a different type of bath water, and sometimes it wasn't even water. The green knob was used for an Asian herbal tea bath, hot and steaming, but very healthy for your inner organs. The blue one was for a traditional Turkish bath, and a Turkish coffee would pop out of the sides for you to drink. The purple one was for Cleopatra's golden milk bath, and probably the most nourishing one of all.

Turning the purple tap, milk begun to rise from out of nowhere. Suddenly, a teabag was dropped in and swirlled around, bronzing the milk. It was hot, steamy and fragrant.

Neville looked at it. The swirls and bubbles were tempting, the fragrance was giving him the euphoria to jump in. Neville stared at it with wide eyes, pleading that this is not a dream.

That was it, Neville couldn't take it anymore. He rushed into the tub like a dolphin at a circus, and stayed in there for a long long time.


Neville gotten out of the tub, dried himself with magically conjured towels from the tub, got dressed, and begun to head back. While walking, he noticed that he felt more airy and less "rough". The touch of silk against his skin was like butter.

Reaching his room, he looked at himself in the old broken mirror. His skin was radiant, rid from all the dirt and dust that the Serpent Hole carried. His hair shone in its natural mahogany brown colour and was silky smooth.

'I look incredible, what did the bath do to me? I like it! I must tell the others about my discovery!' Neville thought, and continued to gaze into the mirror.
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In an out of the way classroom... [08 Feb 2004|08:46pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Pansy had levitated the armchairs in from one of the unused dormitory rooms, spelled a little bedwarmer to work a hell of a lot better, and settled down to wait for Blaise and who ever else was coming to the meeting. She'd discovered there really were quite a few unused rooms. They could do so many things with this place. A library, like Ophelia-the-wolf wanted, maybe a smaller study or drawing room. She mused that it would end up feeling just like one of the old Pureblood manors before long. Ah, well, what you were raised with is in your blood, isn't it? She settled back into her chair and sipped a glass of hot cider, which she'd prepared a few extra mugs of. She knew how to be a good hostess, after all.

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[08 Feb 2004|03:38pm]

Neville face brightened at the sound of Blaise talking to Ginny in the hallway. Leaving the old books behind, Neville rushed out the door and saw his prize on the couch. 12 feet of shimmering scarlet red silk with a bundle of golden thread and a pair of needles.

"Wonderful! I haven't been this happy since...ever!!!" Neville jumped. He grabbed the stuff, plus a bag of spices on the side, and ran into his room.

"Thanks Blaise!"
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THE SHOPPING TRIP [07 Feb 2004|11:42pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

"I know you're a good friend of Neville, or were," Blaise said to the wolf while they waited for Pansy to find Ginny and Luna, " but, by all the minor gods, he's lost what little sense he may have once had."

He sighed, wondering just how long they'd be out before Pansy, Ginny, and/or Luna were ready to hex one another.

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Random FYI - Where We Stand with Voldie [08 Feb 2004|12:00am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Harry and Co - Green
Voldemort - Red
Natural - Purple

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[07 Feb 2004|10:16pm]

[ mood | restless ]

Pansy paced through the now-dry hallways of the Serpent Hole on a pretense of looking for any other problems that the boys had neglected to fix. Really, she'd been bored out of her mind sitting still and had decided to get a bit of exercise. She sure as hell wasn't going to go above ground - and no one in this place would get the benefit of seeing her do yoga.

She couldn't remember having been bored during school. There was always someone to torment, class work, something. She stopped and looked at a statue for a moment. She hadn't changed much, so how come everything seemed different?

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