Pansy Parkinson (love_is_idle) wrote in only_power,
Pansy Parkinson

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In an out of the way classroom...

Pansy had levitated the armchairs in from one of the unused dormitory rooms, spelled a little bedwarmer to work a hell of a lot better, and settled down to wait for Blaise and who ever else was coming to the meeting. She'd discovered there really were quite a few unused rooms. They could do so many things with this place. A library, like Ophelia-the-wolf wanted, maybe a smaller study or drawing room. She mused that it would end up feeling just like one of the old Pureblood manors before long. Ah, well, what you were raised with is in your blood, isn't it? She settled back into her chair and sipped a glass of hot cider, which she'd prepared a few extra mugs of. She knew how to be a good hostess, after all.
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