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It had been no lie when Ginny said she had been feeling sick, she had spent the last day and a half in one long sleep except for the odd moments where she got up for a while, only to go to sleep again. She had only gotten up not even an hour ago and taken a long, warm shower. Grateful for the warm water and the fragrant soaps and shampoos she had long forgotten about. She felt so clean (at least from the outside), rid of the dust, her hair clean and she smiled at the delightful smell that filled the air. She was surprised to see her reflection and how different she looked, her hair pulled away from her face, her skin finally cleared of all the dust and that ruddy old green dress gone.

She now walked down to the kitchens where she much looked forward to some hot tea and something to fill her empty stomach. She wore some of the clothes they had bought on their shopping trip. A pair of muggle jeans she had found luckily in the shop, they were quite comfortable, a small black simple t-shirt and a small sweater for the cold. Her long hair was still wet and pulled back up in a messy bun, strands hanging loose from it. Finally reaching the kitchens she pulled open the door, finding no one there and walking over to the fridge and was delighted to find it had been restocked and cleaned. She smiled rummaging through it but decided on some tea instead, considering she still wasn’t feeling completely recovered and searched until she found some tea bags and a kettle. Using her wand that she kept in the belt loop of her pants she heated up the water and transfigured a mug sitting down at the table, setting her wand on it and took slow sips of the hot drink.
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