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A Talk with Harry in the Ghost Town of Hogsmeade

Blaise tried not to show his nervousness as he and Hermione left the ruins of Hogwarts heading to the remains of Hogsmeade, where they were to meet Harry with his three prisoners.

He prayed to every god he'd ever heard of that one of the three potions he carried would work. If not, hope was not lost, but he was impatient to have Hermione back as she should be. The waiting was torture, even for someone with his degree of patience.

Hogsmeade certainly looked different from the way he remembered it. It was nothing more than a ghost town now. It had been mostly destroyed right after Hogwarts castle fell, and the few survivors had dispersed across the rest of Britain; a few even found their way to Nuestro Aliso, where he and Hermione had been so happy for their short time.

He looked down at her, trotting along beside him, and knew in his heart that they would be happy again, even holed up in what was left of the Slytherin dungeon, no matter what his friends, or even hers, might think about it.

It was just a matter of finding the right potion. Draco had worked tirelessly on the three variations Hermione was most confident would work. That was probably the reason he'd got careless with the last cauldron of potion he was brewing, Blaise told himself. Lack of restful sleep did tend to make one careless. At least he hadn't had an accident with one of the transformation potions. That would have been all they needed, to have both of the best Potions makers giving instructions to the ones brewing reversal potions by pushing blocks around the floor with their noses.
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OOC:// This is where Harry decided to have a 'heart to heart' chat with Blaise before they test on the subjects. They are currently situated in the Abandoned house where the test subjects were held. Both are standing in a dusty room, while Hermione waited outside the room where the three Death Eater test subjects are currently being held.//

"So, you wanted to discuss something?" Blaise asked Harry, sure from the uncomfortable look on Harry's face that he felt like it was time for the "big brother" speech in regards to Blaise telling him two days ago that he intended to ask Hermione to marry him as soon as their reversal potion was successful

"Yes, there is something what I wanted to discuss with you. . . it's about your relationship with Hermione," Harry answered, looking at Blaise for his reaction.

"I can't say I wasn't expecting something of the sort," Blaise said, deciding to set Harry's mind at ease as quickly as he could. "I felt it was fair to let you know that I have serious intentions where she is concerned, since you are the only family she has left. You and I seem to be in agreement. Hermione is very dear to my heart, just as I know she is to yours. The last thing I want to do is hurt her. "

"Yes, she means much to me and she's very dear to me. I wouldn't let anyone hurt her and you know that. You've hinted at that so many times. Yet, I can't help feeling worried about giving her into your hands. I won't let anyone hurt her, not after what she would have to go through," Harry said in a rush, then a determined look came over his face. "Let me just say this, Zabini, if I ever catch you breaking her heart or hurting her in any way, I will make sure you never walk again."

"Then I have no worries, for that will never happen. She probably never told you, but we started to become friends in our sixth year. Sitting in the library, studying together, I could tell her things I couldn't tell my best friends. When Hogwarts was attacked, she took me with her into the Muggle world, to hide me. She may or may not have saved my life, but I know she saved my soul. The Dark Mark was hanging over her parent's house when we arrived there. We were both afraid to go back into the wizarding world then, so we stayed together and lived among the Muggles. That was when I began to know that I loved her, but I was still too much the proud Pureblood, and I couldn't admit it until after I thought she was killed." Blaise paused then, as if considering saying the rest of what was on his mind.

"I found her wand in the wreckage of her office, and I thought that meant one of two things. Either she was dead, or she had been captured. It didn't really matter which it was, I knew it was too late, that I'd lost her. It broke my heart to wish it, but I hoped she was dead rather than captured. I tried no to think about what it would be like for her if she had been captured." He cleared his throat. "Now I have what very few of us ever get, a second chance. I intend to make the most of it. She makes me a better person than I would have been without her, because she believes in me. She's the best thing to ever come into my life."

"I understand," Harry agreed quietly. "Hermione has always been there for me, whenever I needed her. Then when she disappeared. . . I, . . . you are lucky to have such a wonderful person by your side, with her love and caring nature. I'm glad that she means much to you, treat her like your most precious jewel. . . I can see that nothing else I say will make any difference. I can only say that I am very happy for you two. Love is so rare in these days. I wish you two the best."

"Thank you, we appreciate your good wishes. Now that Hermione has found some of her best friends from before the war, she'd never agree to leave you. I wouldn't dream of asking her to, anyway. We'll be staying to help protect Ginny and Neville. It's too much for you and Draco to handle on your own, and with Draco out of commission like he is. . . well," Blaise shrugged. "Someone needs to babysit. You certainly don't have time to do it."

"I've been thinking lately, I should move into the Serpent's Hole, shouldn't I? That way, I can lend a hand in helping keep the charges under control," Harry said as if trying to talk himself into the idea, "though I must say you've done a nice job with Nev and Ginny already. I think you would like it better too, that way I won't Apparate in all the time, and I saw that you have the Anti-Apparating wards ready to place."

Blaise smiled at Harry's offer. "Hermione already has plans to fix a room for you, in Gryffindor colours. She'd be so pleased if you moved in, she and Ginny both love you very much and worry about you. As for me, I never bothered to learn anything about you other than the obvious. I'd like to have you around, too. We've moved beyond petty House rivalries at this point. We're all in this together, for better or worse."

"Remember in Fifth year when the Sorting Hat sang us that song? He said that we were to stick together in times of need. I agree with you and I think with someone very dear between us, we can come to an understanding." Harry sighed, as if relieved to have said it. "I guess we should test the potions now."

"You're right, let's get this over with. Hermione is tired of being a wolf, and I'm tired of having her still so far away from me. Waiting for these potions to be done has been torture." He turned to walk into the room that held the prisoners, then stopped and looked at Harry again. "Stick together in times of need," he echoed Harry's in a musing voice. "I have to say, I think I'll have less trouble getting along with you than Hermione will Draco. He's going to throw a very impressive tantrum when he finds out about her, I'm sure. As for Pansy, I've hidden all the liquor from her just to start. She'll get along with Hermione just fine, or I'll throw her out. We have to be more than Gryffindor against Slytherin, or we'll all die."

OOC:// So they shake hands, and go to test the potions.//