Neville L. (nev_l_b) wrote in only_power,
Neville L.

Finally, long hard work finally paid off, as Neville wrapped the red silk robes around him. Embroidered with a golden hem around the bottom, sleeves, and the egyptian style necklace cuff (but made out of silk). The eye of Ra was present on the silk necklace cuff, the silk belt, and the end of the long sash that hung from his neck and downwards to the floor, but tucked under the belt. On the robes themselves, symbols and images of the phoenix were embroidered, as well as miniature eyes of ra. Neville had also added to his visage with a black ocre paint the eye of Ra around his own eyes (a ceremonial thing done by the pyromancers, but it washes out and isn't worn as an everyday accessory).

Neville wallked out of his room, proud and letting the sunstones revolve around his body in a circular motion, now, he waited, for the group to walk out and see their new Neville!
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