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OOC:// This was set when Ginny agreed to go with Harry on a quick trip to Japan. For people who are interested, please read.

“Ginny! At last where have you been? I was looking for you.” Harry waved Ginny over to the Kitchen.

Ginny came over with a smile. “Hi Harry. Sorry, I was just getting ready. Are we going now?”

Harry nodded like a happy child, getting candy. "Of course, I have the port key right here." saying that, Harry produced a funny looking doll made of straw and sticks. "It should be activated... right now."

*Ginny and Harry touched the port key. With the familiar jerk they landed. Ginny looked around the place wide eyed* "Where exactly are we?"

"Harry looked around at the coming evening sky. Well, we're at Hiroshima right now. If we were coming fifty years ago, this place would have been all rubbles. Atom bomb." Harry offered as an explanation. Looking at his watch, he commented, "Well we still have some time. Would you like to see the temples? or would you like to shop around? I'm not really sure what you need and what you don't have."

Ginny thought for a moment. Distracted as she looked at her surroundings. "There's really not very much I need," she said in a bit of a dazzle. "I think we got everything when I went with shopping before..." Ginny drifted off and finally looked at Harry, "there are temples here?"

Harry nodded. "Yes well, there's a lot of temples here. Last time, Draco and I came... well let's just say that the temple really shouldn't have been used as a worshipping place. So you have everything you need? Then I guess we can go a little bit earlier to the place... Shouldn't be too hard to get there." Running a hand through his damp hair, he realized that the moon was coming up.

Ginny raised an eyebrow in question, "the place?" she asked. Seeing Harry look up she did too, noticing it was getting dark she felt a chill in the air and tightened her cloak about her.

"Well the place is actually the Japanese resistance and science group of medi-wizards that are fighting for the light side. They are having a meeting today about the traces of arsenic found on the DE bodies. I thought maybe you might be interested." Harry looked up at Ginny expectantly

Ginny bit her lip.
"Really..." Ginny trailed for a moment, looking back up at the sky. How on earth was she going to get out of this one? Harry had always been a very persistent person.
“Are you sure I would be allowed there?” she thought quickly and looked back at Harry.

Harry shrugged, "I don't see why not. The medi-wizards have always been insistent on getting new members to join. Besides, I remembered that you had a great Potions mark in your second last year there. Maybe you can help me understand some of it too. They always talked in big words." Harry saw the worried looked on Ginny's face, "Don't worry, it wouldn't be long."

Ginny frowned and took a step forwards.

“I guess so…” she hesitated and smiled weakly at Harry.

Harry didn't notice the shaky smile that Ginny gave him. "Well come on now, I guess we should be going." Then he led Ginny down the road to the nearest temple, where the moon illuminated to look white. Pushing a block and muttering the words - "Levitate", with a groan the door opened to a light hallway. Shaped lions appeared on the marbles, as Harry lead Ginny down. "Ahh we're here."

The halls were matted with straw rugs. The sidewalls were oriental Japanese decoration making the room look light and warm. Harry was soon greeted by a short bustling man, "Ahh good evening Mr. Potter, the results have come. It looks like that Voldemort indeed have a purpose for the arsenic."

Ginny blinked several times, squinting when the light hit her eyes because of the change from dark to light. She looked around the temple and saw the lions on the marble.

“Wow, very Gryffindor-ish,” she smiled as she scanned the rest of the place.
She sighed, feeling a bit calmer…
‘This isn’t too bad…’ she thought.
When the man came up and greeted Harry, Ginny listened and froze up,

“Hello,” she squeaked.

The man seized up Ginny before giving Ginny a hearty handshake. "Ahh, come, come everyone is welcome here, who fight for the light. The meeting is about to start. Before we go would you like anything?" Harry shook is head, then looking at Ginny is said, "Well maybe a Green Tea." He followed the short man, into one of the rooms

Ginny followed the two a bit hesitantly into the room where several chairs and a desk stud. All the rooms here felt surprisingly warm and inviting, but that didn’t put Ginny at ease.

“Thank you,” she said as she was handed a cup of green tea. “So, what are you guys doing here?” she asked, looking at Harry and the other man.

The jolly man answered quite enthusiastically, "Well for starters we are a connection to the medi-wizards in Vatican, only we take care part of the Oriental and Asian side. So far we've analyzed Mr. Potter's samples of the traces of arsenic found of DE bodies, and done some research on dark magic. This branch only focuses mostly on taking care of things that isn’t in right contact of the war."
Harry sat dully twisted apiece of napkin; he couldn't remember the last time that he had listened to such a long speech. Well other than Blaises of course. "So the results? Why was arsenic found?"

Ginny listened attentively, losing herself for a moment; she had always been interested in healing. In her sixth year she had begun to take the class necessary for such, she had always been told she was of a caring nature.
She looked over at Harry and smiled at him sympathetically.

“Interesting…” she asked interested, “what was the reason?”

This time, Monigama, looked seriously at Harry with round spectacles flickering in the beige light. "Arsenic as you know is a science component that is mostly used to kill rats. Using the human sign on the periodic table, Arsenic is a Halogen Gas, that can be liquid or gas...the sign is As, just for further reference. Now what we do know is that the trace is put on the bodies willingly..."

"It seems like," Monigama continued that the Death Eaters digested it, into their body or maybe they injected it. Now, with the right chemicals and the right formulas, this arsenic can give the Death Eaters great strength, but weakened mental state. Which is exactly what Voldemort wants. A weakened mind can be controlled better."

Harry leaned forward to this. "So you are saying that Voldemort is using this control people? Arsenic?" Harry frowned, "But even death eaters aren't that stupid and Voldemort already has such a strong control over them, why would he need this?"

Ginny’s smile faded immediately after this. She stumbled back a little bit and sat down on one of the chairs.

“A weakened mental state…?” Ginny asked, almost to herself as if she was just figuring something out. She frowned, this she hadn’t known...

“Didn’t-didn’t you say Harry, that it depended on the person’s strength how much the Dark Lord could control them? Maybe that’s why…” she stopped talking suddenly.

"Well it does depend on the person's state and his/her physical will. It's well known among groups who practice mind entering that they would do such things." Noticing Ginny's shaking form, he touched her arm gently, asking her concerned, "Ginny are you alright. Is there something wrong?"

There was that question again, and Ginny knew the answer.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said in a strange tone. She got up, steadying herself on the table.

“I’m sorry for interrupting,” she smiled apologetically at Monigama, eager to change the subject and said, “Please, do continue,”

Harry gave another concerned glance, knowing that he uses that phrase way too much, and Ginny's answer was quite smooth too. "Well that's all there is to it, we have found out what it is, and now all we need to do is watch and observe it." Monigama answered turning back into his jolly self. Harry smiled and thanked Monigama, "This information is quite valuable to us, and we can use it in the future."

Turning to Ginny, he asked again, "So would you like to go now? We can go back to the SH now." Monigama had already left in a stream of mumbled chemical formulas thought out. "Or we could eat in one of those little restaurants that sell sushi. Have you ever eaten that before? It's really good."

“I’m sure it will,” she mumbled as Harry commented on the information.

Shaking her head and absentmindedly tightening her cloak around her shoulders Ginny looked at Harry and smiled, a bit eager to get out of this place she was about to say she wanted to go back to the Serpents Hole, when her stomach growled.

“I’ve never tried it,” she commented, “some sushi sounds great,”

Harry nodded in agreement and led the way the tunnel again. Far out into the darkness that surrounded them, they wandered like little children down to the city lights. Stopping at the first sushi store they saw, they went in and sat in the cozy surrounding.

Ginny and Harry ate a delicious meal of sushi which Ginny decided she liked very much.

“Wow, I’m full,” she said to Harry, sitting back in her chair. It was the first time in a while she was. With her stomach full and the moon well in the sky Ginny yawned. What she wanted more than anything right now was a long soak in that tub and a very long nap.

“Want to head back now Harry? The sushi was great, and I’m beat,”

Harry smiled, "Well I can give you the port key and it'll take you to the living room in Serpent's hole. I have something I need to do." He looked away lost in though for a second. Leaving the restaurant, Harry gave the port key to Ginny and waved.

In an instant she disappeared. Harry watched the moving traffic for a while, before setting off to another direction.
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