Neville L. (nev_l_b) wrote in only_power,
Neville L.

In the wee morning hours of the day, Neville was up and fully awake, praying to the Altar of Ra like a monk in meditation. Concentrated and fully comitted to his prayers, the only part of his that moved was his lips that were reciting the words of the prayers in the magical language.

Out of nowhere, a ring or fire erupted into the air above the altar. Neville was quickly distracted and looked up at the ring, which had filled itself with an image of a group of red robed wizards.

"'Tis this Neville Longbottom, the only Pyromancer in England?" asked one of the wizards, who appeared to be pyromancers themselves.

"Yes, I am Neville Longbottom," Neville replied. A little confused about how communications could be done this way, Neville just went with the flow.

"Brother Neville, we are the leaders of the Pyromancy magic, from Heliopolis. We must gather our kind together for an important meeting regarding our religeon."

"Important meeting? How can I get there? I cannot leave my place, for I will be hunted down sacrificed to the Dark Lord."

"Do not worry, come to Istanbul, a major city run by the Ministry and they are fighting against the Dark Lord. Only Istanbul and vatican City are the safest places for you to travel to in Europe, so you must be very careful elsewhere. But we will have the meeting in Istanbul, in the Topkapi Palace, we will provide you a portkey that transfers you from wherever you are to us."

All of a sudden, a flash of golden light emitted out and formed the shape of a golden skeleton key. This was the portkey, all he had to do was touch it and he was off, but he felt that he needed to talk with the others about it first.

"Thank you, but give me time, my priorities lie with my friends at the moment, I will talk with them before I arrive, if I arrive. Give me time, I ask of you."

"That is alright. We realie that you must help your friends and we respect that. Take all the time you need, but remember that the meeting is on going, arrive whenever you wish."

"Thank you very much" And with that, the fire ring disappeared, with the key lying on the floor. As long as he didn't touch it, he would remain here. But he needed someone to go with him, he still didn't feel safe going alone, but he needs to talk with the others before anything happens.
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