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In the 'Smoking Room'

Pansy propped her feet up on the ottoman and leaned back. Ah, relaxation was good. She nursed the last of her whiskey in a small glass - it was the last of any alcohol she could find, which was a problem.

The room looked wonderful, though. Because of her, and Pansy smiled and gloated to herself. It was even done in a tasteful green and brown motif - which had better count as inter-House compromise. There were three or four of the old, used armchairs gathered around a fireplace (she assumed it had been used for cauldrons. This hadn't been her potions classroom, but maybe in years past that had been its use.), and a big heavy rug. And of course, her ottoman. Her Smoking Room was certainly more private than the Common Room, which was nice. Maybe she would start calling it Pansy's Parlor. She laughed, but the word Parlor did have a nice ring to it.
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Neville was strolling by in the hallways, when he saw a wooden door slightly ajar. Peering inside the room, he saw Pansy relaxing in her little area she created. Neville walked in with some news.

"Good Morning Pansy! I have some news and I need to tell everyone. I was invited to a meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. I thought that maybe others would want to accompany me, I don't feel comfortable going alone although Istanbul is completely safe. I hear they have some nice furniture and such there."
Pansy nodded absently as Longbottom swept into the room in his great red robes. She nodded at him. "Morning," she said.

"Wait, wait, Istanbul?" She sat up straighter. Traveling sounded like heaven. And there was sunshine in Istanbul - it was down in that deserty area, right? But of course it would be dangerous leaving. But who gave a damn? Pansy tipped back her glass and grinned. "I'm in."
"Really? Oh, you will enjoy it. It was the capital of the Roman Empire at one point you know. And then after the the Christian Byzantibe Empire. After that, the Muslim Ottoman Empire! You will simply adore the lovely buildings with many domes and minarets. And the Bosphorus strait, dividing the European mainland from the middle east."
Pansy stared. The whatsit whatsit whatsit? Was Longbottom insane or just way, way too smart? Well, it was Hermione's business to be too smart, so Neville must be the former, she concluded.

"Sounds like a great big kick of fun," she said with a faint smirk. "But hey, if it's got booze, I'm set."
"Booze, this place grows amazingly tasty grapes. The wines of Istanbul are incredible. I've been there three years back, but only for a little bit, after living in Egypt for 2 and a half years. Well, I must go and inform the others about the trip, I'm sure Blaise, Hermione, and Harry want in as well, they like to keep an eye on my actions anyway."

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