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There is no good and evil

Only power

There is only power
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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or stories, these belong to J.K. Rowling. This is only a Harry Potter role playing game and we do not make a profit off of this, this is simply for fun.

Introduction: Cutting across the field the sounds of their screams still ring in your ears, it's impossible to block them out now but that's alright, you've gotten used to it already. But you can still feel the pain, and it only grows. You run faster towards the only tree standing in the bare field you remembered once as lush, beautiful, as your home away from home. But there's no time to think of that now, you taste the blood in your mouth your sure must have been there since a while ago and make your way quicker towards the tree, grateful your legs still work. Eager, remembering what that kind stranger told you in that pit of a hell hole you dig through the dirt about the tree until you find the small wooden trap door and knock four times. You wait, hoping, this is your last chance. A small voice calls out, 'who goes there?' and you grateful press your head against the door to hear it better. 'I am seeking shelter from he blood bath!' you shout. The door hangs open and two small squinty eyes stare back at you. 'Then come in my friend, for we are all seeking shelter from the blood. Welcome to the serpent hole,'

In the middle of a war, the words once spoken by a true, dark wizard calls out:

"There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it..."

*Thanks emil for the awesome banner*

Story Line: The war between the ministry (Harry potter) and Lord Voldemort has raged out of control. It is no longer about wining, but about survival. There is no longer good or evil, just power. Dead bodies lie in fields and poverty has become a problem. Hogwarts now lies in ruins, families have been split apart, old friends killed and enemies have been forced to work together. Seeking shelter from all the blood bath and destruction the word spreads that there is a safe house down beneath the earth. Few people know about this and eagerly search it out. In there, weather they be from the good side or evil, friends or foe they meet with people they thought they would never see again, including some they wished they'd never see again.

Clear that up for me please?: Sure thing. On Harry Potter's graduation, there was an attack from Lord Voldemort on Hogwarts and Harry himself. That was the beginning of the now 3 year war (which does mean that some characters did not manage to graduate). Hogwarts was resolved to rubble, there was nothing but the dark forest and the lake left. People were split up, some fighting for the good side, others the evil side. Some were captured and escaped, others died. Some people rushed to muggle towns where they figured they would be safer. Families have been split up, friends haven't seen each other for years and others have swayed loyalties. But the war has gotten out of control and no matter who's side you're on, there is no longer no good and evil, all people seek now is shelter from the war. The word spreads then that Hogwarts might have not been completely destroyed, that in fact, anything that was under ground, the Slytherin common room and the dungeons (therefore the name 'serpent hole') survived the attack and is now being used as a safe house, for anyone. In this 'safe house' your character meets other people using the safe house. Which might end up being old classmates you haven't seen since the war began or you might have come with someone. Everyone has their own different history.

To just clear up a few more things, here is a map of what land it taken over by whom at the moment;

Green: the 'good' side
Red: Voldemort's forces
Purple: These have their own side which do not take sides with either the green or red parties.

How do I join?: To join please pick a character, or make you own, and post asking to be that character. If you simply begin to post as them do not think I will let you play set character. As well, please include the following information in either the post or if you would like to keep it private e-mail me at:



Your name:

Your age:

Account name: (an seperate account must already be made)

Character you wish to play: *please make sure you are applying for a character which has not been taken!

Anything you would like to say about yourself, an introduction, anything.

Please include a written sample of your writing skills such as a sample entry.

*the following categories do not need to be filled out right away. You may apply and then develop these.

*characters looks: (even if you are playing a character that already exists do remember that three years have passed and they might have changed quite a bit)

*Character personality: (this is very important. Just as explained above, three years have passed and during a war. Only you know what your character has been through and how that has changed them.)

*Characters history: (Again, like said above, who knows what you have been up to? Have you been fighting for the good side? Perhaps you switched sides and now are viewed as a traitor. Who have you kept tabs with? Do you have a lover that no one would have even thought you to? Have you been hiding in the muggle world all along? This is what makes the rpg interesting, so please be creative. As well, if you would like to involve someone in your history. i.e. lover. Let them know so that their not in the dark.)

**Please make sure to have post this in your info page so that other people may read this.

These must be followed (If they are not there is risk of getting thrown out of the community.)

1) Slash and ships are welcome here.

2) Swearing is permitted but please so not type LikE ThIS. Proper grammar and spelling is also encouraged and please do not use internet slang. (ex. lol, sup, lmao)

3)Please be mature when dealing with adult content. If anyone is being immature about it they will be kicked off the community.

4)All content above PG-13 must be placed under an LJ cut with proper warning.

5)Please add all the members to your friends list, do not add random people.

6)People in this community are excepted to update at least two times a week. If there is a reason you cannot update please inform me. A quick e-mail or post will do.

7)If a new member does not post within three days of joining without notice they will be kicked out.

8)When posting in the community, please make sure that the situation you are posting goes along with what has been previously posted.

9)If you are planning to kill off a character (not one that is being played) please run it by me first (the character will be added to the death list on the main page). This applies to extreme plot or situation changes as well that would affect the majority of the players in a huge way.

10)Participation is the key of this community. As a member you are not only expected to update in your own journal and the community but role play with other members. If you must leave in the middle of a role play if possible come up with a way of getting your character out of there. Otherwise, please leave an out of character (OOC) post letting the other players know.

11)Personal journals will be used as a sort of magical journal between characters in the Serpents Hole. If you desire to make a private entry please use: Private:// write entry here//. This can be used as well to contact other characters and only them: Harry:// Where the hell have you been?!//. It is obvious these can bee seen by everyone, but it is as if the other characters cannot, there fore they cannot respond, such as in the example only Harry would be able to respond.

12)Community posts are to be done in third character and personal journals in first.

13)All members need to have a means of communication such as and preferably MSN. If this is a problem please contact me.

14)Have fun! Yes, it sounds corny but do! ^_^

NOTE: There are spoilers for all five Harry Potter books in this RPG. It is also recommended that you have read all of them before joining so you know what's going on and what kind of history the characters had with each other.

List of taken characters:

-Ginny Wealsey: redrose_
-Draco Malfoy: _dmalfoy
-Neville Longbottom: nev_l_b
-Harry Potter:codename_harry
-Luna Lovegood:luna_cy_
-Blaise Zabini:b_n_zabini
-Cameron Summers:masked_identity
-Pansy Parkinson:love_is_idle
-Hermione Granger:bibliothca_lupe

I have noticed many types of styles in which people update in an RPG, in this one this will be the style:


Pansy walked into the great hall and spotted Draco sitting at the Slytherin table. She walked over causally and sat beside him. She was going to find out what was up last night. What was that boy up to?
“Draco,” she purred and gave him a kiss. Oh you are so in for it Malfoy…

Then Draco would comment and keep the situation going:

Draco looked at Pansy and backed away. “leave me alone Pansy, I don’t feel like talking to you,” he saw her questioning look and sighed.

Other people may come in if they so desire:

Blaise walked in the great hall with a smug look on his face, he couldn’t forget about yesterday. He scanned the hall and noticed Pansy and Draco talking. He walked over to them and patted Pansy on the shoulder. “what are you two up to?” he eyed the two suspiciously.

Then, if you don’t think you belong in the great hall, or not where Pansy, Draco and Blaise are, you start a new post. Or if you just want to say other thoughts and situations. Get it? Your characters personal journal is used for their thoughts in first person:

I am sure that Pansy is aware of what has happened and I for one do not wish for her to know of such things. Who knows what she might tell my father…

I'm sure once we get this rpg started it will be great fun! If you have any questions or concerns at all, or just want to chat, e-mail me or comment on my journal dr3amer
I hope to hear from you all soon!

Your moderator:

Death List
Those who have been found or presumed dead.


Albus Dumbledore-
Percy Weasley-
Narcissa Malfoy-
Theodore Nott-
Cho Chang-
Bill Weasley-
Marcus Flint-
Colin Creevey-
Gregory Goyle-
Lavender Brown-
Padma Patil-
Parvati Patil-
Argus Filch-
Susan Bones-
Justin Finch-Fletchley-
Dean Thomas-
Daphne Greengrass-
Professor Sprout-
Professor Vector-
Professor Flitwick-
Arthur Weasley-